сряда, 4 март 2009 г.

Disco in Sofia?

A: - Disco in Sofia?
B: - Yes, please.

After a long residency at some of Kazakhstan's most forward thinking clubs and lots of parties, releases and collaborations around the world 35 year old DJ Konstantin Timoshenko decided to settle down exploring one of the Balkan's darkest places: Sofia. Part of Kazakhstan's first experimental sound duo Akkord I On, co-curator of the International festival for experimental media-art Replicafest, active member of the [antiparty gang] project, professional drummer and music producer Timoshenko thought that Sofia is nice and started making music for theatre pieces and looked around for venues where he could express his love for warm, melodic disco. 
Meet him for a 5 hour back-to-back with Studio Dauhaus resident YvesO at Butchers this saturday.

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