понеделник, 29 октомври 2012 г.

the art of Horror Halloween Fest

November Stars, timeart.bg, National Academy Of Arts and Studio Dauhaus join forces for the biggest event this Halloween.
Expect a lot of creepy sounds with the horrible line-up with bands like Piranha, Sisters Of Radomir, Пистамашина, 1000 Names and DJs like The (legendary) Gothprince, Dr Terror, halojo, YvesO and VJ Magistus. Besides that there will be plenty of ghosts and fairies from the National Academy Of Art's  students attending. Masks and make-up will be available along with a special screening in the aula, some installations and video art all around.

date: 31.10.2012
start: 20:00 - end 06:00
location: Faculty Of Applied Arts - Tsarigradsko Shose 73
enter: 10 BGN (students: free)

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