сряда, 10 октомври 2012 г.

Flow Festival

Time for some action on the Danube...
The next flow festival that will take place in Ruse from October 18 - 21. 
The general topic is „Activating Spaces, Activating People by Micro Imagination“. One essential part of the festival will be the common creative work of the invited participants on different subtopics in several working groups. And beside this, flow will offer attractive festival events on three evenings for the participants and also forthe local audience. Abandoned urban spaces and locations with a rich and exciting past will be reactivated and transformed to unusual festival venues. The cultural programme includes the exhibition Sofia Underground 2012 about performing art in Bulgaria, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs (concert), Dekonstrukt (audio-visual experiments), P.O.Box: Unabomber (performance) by 36monkeys, Nasekomix and Space Dub Jammers (concert).
Entrance free

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