неделя, 23 май 2010 г.

Eat Me

The New Dancefloor Experience from Latin America for the first time on Balkan soil:
Matias Aguayo (Chile/Germany) & Rebolledo (Mexico)

Cómeme (Spanish for "eat me") is a joint project of Matias Aguayo and Gary Pimiento, evolving from the series Bumbumbox – improvised street parties in the field of House, Sex, Friendship, Acid, Swing, Cumbia, Magic, Kuduro, Feeling, Techno, Kwaito, Night, EBM, Love, Dancing, Travelling. Being held since the year 2007 until now reached all the big cities of South America.
There they play on ghetto blasters mixes of small sets, sent via Internet by DJ friends from all over the world.
This young vanguard dares to cross the borders of the city’s cultural life and takes over the street space, which is the natural dance floor of the South American metropolises. It combines the musical streams and presents them straight away to the people: “..things have opened up, and there is no reliable reference anymore. That’s great for music making".
Influenced by the different music streams and unexpected situations raising from the urban reality which surrounds them (fast/slow, warm/cold), and their goal at achieving a universal experience, the Bumbumbox movement widens its horizon from the well known parameters of North American and European DJ culture.
The artists feel the need of making musical plays that are easy to catch on public; and these are plays played on the street: „.. people are asking us over and over again of where can they buy this music.“ Continuing the main idea of the street events, they create the label Cómeme, which today is also a creative place for exchange between DJs and artists.
The fact is that they with pleasure accept the challenge and always search for a way to attract their audience, indoor and outdoor whether be it in South America or in Europe.
Matias Aguayo enriches his DJ sets with sequences performed LIVE, by bringing in different musical instruments and his own voice. Grown up in Cologne in diverse German/Chilean environment, he comprehends dance music in a very special way and with a very rare sensitivity. Throughout the world he is considered one of the few DJs who can achieve the perfect unity by combining the Latino-American roots with the European electronic music. His music sets are a unique adventure.
Rebolledo comes from Xalapa, Mexico and fills up his music sets with the intensity of techno, the free-flowing musical temperament of his country of origin and his wide dance floor background. He himself defines his music with an envying dose of self-confidence as: ?!Wow?!

In partnership with Studio Dauhaus Butchers has the pleasure to present to you for the first time in Bulgaria: ‘Cómeme’. Local support by 1000names.
From 5 pm until midnight on the 10th of June 2010. The location is the parking space of the „Zrancho“ factory, 28 Cherkovna Str, 1505 Sofia.

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