вторник, 15 септември 2009 г.

Li ve li ve li ve

Studio Dauhaus / Bad Service / Salon Vow

present a
very special evening with:

>>> Molly Nilsson / FRG/Sweden (myspace.com/formerlyknownaswhitebread)
>>> Homo Faber / Sofia (total universal premiere of the band)
Luca Massolin / Italy (from Golden Jooklo Age and Nastro Mortal)

Melodic electropop from Berlin meets analog glitch from Italy and girl-guitar experiment from Sofia.

Live Live Live ::: @ V-"live"-kova
Vlaikova Cinema/ 11 Tzar Ivan Assen Street.
19/ 09/ 2009
start: 9 pm
entrance: 8 BGN.

p.s. If you're in Plovdiv, the same thing will hit club Lebowski on the 18th.

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