вторник, 12 май 2009 г.

A little announcement

The idea of Architecture and Music, being thoroughly worked on by a Bulgarian fellow artist in the Autumn of 2007, Svetla Popova, has just successfully seen daylight in The Platform for Music and Architecture at the ASD, LMU, London. We are delighted to see that another bright representative of our community has yet again provided inspiration to emerging artists worldwide, has set the foundations and is in the intellectual heart of a newly formed cultural enerprise by the name of MUSARC. Congratulations to Svetla, the author of the concept, and thanks to Joseph Kohlmaier, who has intepreted it in his own way and materialsed it in the Year 2009! We expect to see the fruits of the future collaboration in the near future

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Please find attached the links to the official events happening currently in London UK, which are the direct application of the concept of making music and architecture in parallel:

"Chambers also marks the first public performance for the ASD Choir. The new choir, a group of music enthusiasts and amateurs from within and around the ASD, was founded in November 2008 and is conducted by Cathy Heller-Jones. The choir and its activities are at the heart of this project, and with it the idea that a conversation about the relationship between music and architecture needs to begin with a first-hand experience of making both.