вторник, 11 ноември 2008 г.

Kicking Off: Dauhaus Podcast #01

The idea to keep our friends up to date with the various Studio Dauhaus events and sounds led to this podcast series. For the first edition Dauhaus resident YvesO recorded this mix last saturday at the balcony of fellow artist Neno B.  Home made rakia fueled and inspired by Sofia's night visions the podcast features some deep, disco, electro and tech numbers that were influential part of the soundtrack of many Dauhaus events. 

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MM каза...

what about some public broadcast system of a down!? auidio outer rings of perception, soundscapes from various public places around town ? I mean what the fuck , why not to have a decent public podcast-fueled, public system of a social networkind\g association.
Public POdcast-fueled Bra\oadcasting Association!!!
forever in the air !