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Studio Dauhaus - platform for independent culture and contemporary art presents:
The Jam Of The Year
Talibam! (New York) 
Angelov Brothers Orchestra (Vidin)
location: Swinging Hall, Sofia
date: 08.10.2008 (Wednesday)
time: 22:00

Hailing from New York, Talibam! have been making their presence felt since 2003 through numerous live gigs, self-released DCRs and releases on labels like Azul Discografica, Evolving Ear, Pendu Sounds, Ecstatic Peace, Gaffer Records, Blackest Rainbow amongst others. 
Talibam have toured Europe five times since 2006 and will be going back later this year.

Being one of the most potent and fascinating bands in contemporary music Talibam! has created one of the most unique and exciting live shows and some of the most powerfully recorded documents of any era. At a time when most culture sticks to conservative niche opportunities, Talibam! is interested in expansion and exploration; They manage to part the sea by not sticking to genre, aesthetic predisposition or the usual norms of what being a 'band' is. More inclined to put on a show that any and all will like, and not be stymied be 'avant' type casting, they have won over both unsuspecting and in the 'know' audiences worldwide.

Matt Mottel's visage should be familiar to anyone who's been going to shows in NYC in the past 10 years. He's been hanging around the Big Apple's clubs since he was like 16, and dropping electric mind bombs with his synthesizer in those clubs nearly as long with folks like Awesome Color, Akron/Family, Kenny Wollesen, Chris Corsano, Ras Moshe, Cooper-Moore, Sean Meehan, and his new band Shadow Maps.

Kevin Sheas's drumming and stage gymnastics have been gazed at with wide wonder through his membership in bands like Storm & Stress (Touch & Go), Coptic Light (No Quarter), People (I and Ear), Peter Evans Quartet (Firehouse 12), Sexy Thoughts (rcarchives.com), Mostly Other People Do The Killing (Hot Cup), etc.

For their gig in Sofia Talibam! chose to make a jam session with Bulgarian brass band specialized in playing at weddings. Angelov Brothers Orchestra seemed perfect for the experiment. Specialists define their style as Balkan Brass. But there's something more than that - the amazing mixture between Bulgarian and Rumanian folklore, typical for the Danube region where their hometown Vidin is. And the evidence for their unique style - they took the Grand Award at the Gucha festival last year. In Sofia they will arrive directly from the festival in Zaichar, Serbia.

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