вторник, 18 март 2014 г.

Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival 2014

"We're inclined to experience our lives as destiny. We're charmed by the idea of a guaranteed failure. I fell bad, therefore I exist. We are masters of auto-sabotage, of self-cursing.  The politicized Bulgarian seeks the truth in conspirative abysses like a professional of suspicion, and while seeking it, he doesn't believe his eyes. We don't believe each-other, we don't like each-other. But most dangerous are the sworn skepticism and the unreasonable tiredness. The suspicion of historical depletion, of doom. The tiredness of being a Bulgarian. This makes Bulgarians leave - outside, or in private worlds. Compliance seems utopia. How this can be healed, I don't know. Maybe with some evidence, a proof that we can do it together, that we can at all. That we choose to continue. But how this evidence can be achieved?"
N. Mihailov MD 
"Presa" newspaper


The topic, central for the selection of the festival for performance and liminal forms of art is determined by the exhaustion of the conventional forms for intellectual and critical reaction towards the processes in society. This artistic gesture and position offers vast interpretational milieu and creates a discourse for actualizing reflection or experience by itself. As Universal artistic model, the festival Sofia Underground 2014 is held under the title “Unusual Evidences”.

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