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Open Call: PARABOLE - a new media art exhibition

The project ArtUP!, in collaboration with artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, is creating virtual and cross-border local exhibitions with media-artistic connecting points on a diverse range of topics. The purpose of this is to put them into a regional context and then to present them online to a wider international audience. ArtUP! intends to enable both well-known and lesser-known Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish artists to take part in those exhibitions, to present their artworks within an international exhibition, to interpret regional and global issues and actively strengthen the exchange between the media art scenes of those countries. 

After the first exhibition Neighbourhood X.0, ArtUP! will initiate further exhibitions, showcasing media artists from the three countries Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.
ArtUP! is releasing an open call for artists from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey to take part in the new group exhibition PARABOLE, that will be held in Bulgaria and curated by Yovo Panchev of Studio Dauhaus.

PARABOLE addresses new local urban legends, intending to provide a wider critical reflection and comparisons between the past, and that of the current period of mobility, migration and crises - as well as future perspectives in the region. Opening imaginary abstract fields, the exhibition PARABOLE attempts to catch the pulse of the region. It aims to provide new scenarios, visions and perspectives beyond any borders and crises, both financial and ethical, and transfers these topics into urban, rural and virtual spaces within the region. Reflecting on facts and symbols, the curve of the PARABOLE seeks to form an imaginary bridge beyond visible and non-visible structures. At the same time, the exhibition aims to explore the gap between technology and progress and their linkage to social marginalization.

The exhibition PARABOLE will be shown locally in Bulgaria in several venues with opening events in time sequences that follow the shape of a parabole curve. The starting event will be the opening of the first session of the exhibition PARABOLE and will take place at the Goethe-Institut in Sofia on 16th April 2013. A chain of further events will follow, each time featuring different artists in various locations in Bulgaria and so providing a wide ranging debate until the summer 2013. Parallel events will be organized in the other participating countries - Greece and Turkey. The exhibition PARABOLE will also run on the virtual exhibition space ArtUP!. 

Detailed information about all the events will be announced on ArtUP!, by the Goethe-Institut in the participating countries and on the ArtUP! Facebook page.

Any artist from Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey, whose artwork is media art based, can apply for participation in the exhibition by: 
1.  Creating an artist’s profile and uploading artwork(s) on theArtUP! media art collection
2.  Filling out the application form and send it to 
Mail icon artup@sofia.goethe.org

Deadline for submissions: 15th March 2013 

Technical specifications for uploading (file size, supported formats) on the ArtUP! media art collection can be found here

The curator of the exhibition will select artists from each country (Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey) from those who have uploaded their artworks and have sent their application form to take part in the exhibition PARABOLE. Each of the chosen artists will receive a remuneration of € 200,00.

Do you have any questions about the exhibition or technical problems with the process of uploading? Please contact us. 

ArtUP! reserves the right to change the conditions of the Open Call.

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